The Students' Association of Olds College Executive as a whole serves as an advocate for the students of Olds College. Their goal is to make students’ time at Olds College as enjoyable as possible.  
The SAOC is comprised of four executive positions, President, Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Student Life and Vice President of Communications.


2019/2020 SAOC Executive:

(Left to Right)

Angela White: President

Madison Outhwaite: VP of Student Life

Carlie Penney: VP of Communications

Michael Frankiw: VP of Academics


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We are leaders in engaging students to create their own ultimate Olds College experience.


To represent and support the students of Olds College through accountable, unified leadership to enhance student life.


  • Students as the leading members of our Association
  • Accountability to students, Olds College and the community
  • Team work to provide strength to work more effectively
  • Leadership to promote personal and professional growth and development
  • Quality services in all aspects of College life