Meet Us!

PRESIDENT - Laura McKinnon ​

My Role: ​ To lead and support others in attaining a positive Olds College experience. I chair the Executive Council as well and the Student Board of Directors and provide student representation on the College Board of Governors. I also work closely with the SAOC Office Staff. I can be contacted at 403-507-7903 or via email at  

Internal VP - Brianna McCoy

My Role: To fill in for the president if required, as well as coordinating elections and our annual general meeting. I also oversee the Mental Heath committee and am your local supplier of healthy snacks. I monitor the student health and dental plan in addition to assisting with SAOC budgets and parking concerns. I can be contacted at  or at 403-507-7718

ACADEMIC VP - Connor Smith ​

My Role:To be a student advocate, providing academic support to those experiencing problems with scheduling, classes, instructors, etc. in addition to sitting on Academic Council representing student concerns to the College. I also administer the Student Board of Directors and provide representation for students to the surrounding community. I can be contacted at 403-507-7704 or via email at  

COMMUNICATIONS VP - Shanaye Gionet ​

My Role:To provide general information to students on events, volunteer opportunities, etc. as well as coordinate, edit and produce an annual yearbook in addition to a monthly newsletter  (GrassRoots). I am also the primary contact for the Calgary Campus coordinating visits, information and activities.   I can be contacted at 403-507-7751 or via email at  

ACTIVITIES VP - Theo van der Voet ​

My Role: To enhance student life on campus. I plan, coordinate and supervise events, dances and cultural events in addition to administering club activities on campus.  I can be contacted at   403-507-4637 or via email at  

Students' Association of Olds College