Students’ Association of Olds College (SAOC) Fees - 2021/2022

The Students’ Association of Olds College (SAOC) is your voice on campus and our goal is to serve the students of Olds College. 

The SAOC fees collected are divided into two funds: the SAOC Restricted Building Fund Fee and the SAOC Operations Fee. The Restricted Building Fund fee’s sole purpose is to fund the future construction of student space on campus and maintain our portion of upgrades for the Alumni Centre.

The SAOC Operations Fee is used to support a variety of student-focused services and initiatives such as student advocacy, health and wellness events, scholarships, the student emergency bursary, The Crossing Restaurant & Pub, our Food Pantry program, along with daily operational costs. 

SAOC also offers an extended Health and Dental plan for full-time students.  Fees are currently $350.00 per calendar year from the start of a student's program. For information regarding the program please contact or call     403-556-4626. 

The Post-Secondary Learning Act grants the authority for the SAOC to collect fees to fulfill its directive and all fees are governed in accordance with SAOC Bylaws and nonprofit regulations. Students’ Association fees will be assessed as per the table above.