Information for Employers

The SAOC has provided the job board to help our students find the jobs they need and to assist employers in connecting to a large pool of potential workers. 

Why Hire a Student?

Students and successful graduates at Olds College are available from a variety of academic programs with the knowledge and hands-on skills required for many positions.

The benefits of hiring students include:

  • Bringing new perspectives and fresh ideas to your organization
  • Recruiting skilled talent for short-term or ongoing projects
  • Supplementing existing staff during peak periods and temporary leaves
  • Accessing talent equipped with the latest education and skills
  • Increasing organizational awareness to potential future employees
  • Developing the leadership potential of your existing staff
  • Year-round availability and flexible work term duration
  • Hiring quality talent at a reasonable cost

A Few Ways to Make Your Job Student-Friendly

  • Be aware of your student employees’ academic constraints – exam schedules and so forth
  • Flexible hours may be a real advantage when you are hiring students – not essential, but helpful
  • Students like entry-level jobs – they need to build their experience – but also like to know up-front if there is an advancement path
  • If your job has particular requirements – such as dress / equipment or vehicle requirements – either providing or assisting in obtaining these prerequisites will improve your success in finding student employees
  • If your job requires work experience but you are willing to accept academic qualifications or training in lieu of that, be sure to let students know