SAOC Pantry

The SAOC Pantry is a program designed to assist students that are in need of food or personal care items. We know how hard it is to be a student. Food often becomes something that many students are unable to afford due to other financial priorities such as tuition, books and housing. The students of Olds College are all unique individuals, each with different needs. Due to dietary restrictions and allergies, most non perishable food items are neglected and expiring. We have changed our ways to a gift card system. Students can request gift cards to go shopping for items they need . 

Why Gift Cards?

The SAOC made a decision in 2018 to change the way of giving to a gift card system. We do not want to limit how we help students. We have noticed there is such a stigma around traditional food banks. It can be hard for anyone to ask for help. Many students decide they would rather go without food than be embarrassed by their need for assistance. Our goal is to help students in the most discreet and accessible way possible.


We will accept any and all donations to the Pantry, however we would prefer monetary donations or gift cards to local grocery stores so students have the freedom to shop for necessities without fear of judgement from their peers. Donations can be dropped off at the SAOC office!

More Information

Are you in need of some assistance? Do you need more information? Contact SAOC at