On this page you will soon find information on what our Board of Directors do and who they are!

Our Current Board

BASC - Agribusiness Degree - David McKinnon
BASC - Agribusiness Degree - Abigail Taylor
Hospitality and Tourism Diploma - Abu Bangura
Hospitality and Tourism Diploma - Yvonne Berdos
Sports Management Diploma - Levitt Maguire
Horticulture Diploma - Kami Tams
"Overall, being a SBOD member has been a great experience for me. I felt that I was an important part of making campus life enjoyable." - Abigail Taylor 2022
"My work on SBOD was full of learning experiences and taught me a great deal about being a leader and representative of my peers." - Kami Tams 2022
"It really challenged my organizational skills, but I did meet a lot of people while walking around campus." - Abu Bangura 2022

What does a SBOD member do?

SBOD members hold an important role in the SAOC and all levels of student government. Our SBOD members oversee the Executive Council, hold all members of the SAOC accountable and much more. These students are expected to attend meetings, create a better environment on campus and fulfill SAOC business when needed.

SBOD Responsibilities

Oversight on SAOC Bylaw and Policy review
SAOC Board meetings 1-2 times monthly
Oversight on SAOC Budget and Operations
Oversee SAOC Executive Council