The Students' Association of Olds College (SAOC) represents all students and acts as liaison between The Student Board of Directors, the membership, administration of SAOC and outside organizations. The Executives advocate for student rights and lobbies at all levels of government on behalf of the membership and are responsible for upholding and maintaining the Bylaws and Policies for the effective and efficient administration of the organization.


The President acts as the public representative of the Association. They are the main SAOC point of contact for external parties such as the media and Olds College. This position oversees all the other executives, as well as the organization's strategy, operations and employees of the SAOC. This wide-ranging position is responsible for an enormous range of tasks, including heading major initiatives, working with the Olds College senior administration and the various faculties. The President leads and motivates the Executive Council and assists with establishing long and short term goals. The President is responsible for overseeing the business affairs of the Association in conjunction with the office staff. The President sits on the Capital Campaign Committee as well as any related Olds College Committees.

Vice President of Academics

The Vice President of Academics acts as the CEO, assists students with academic appeals and works to resolve issues that students are facing at Olds College. The VP of Academics also provides feedback on proposed curriculum and policy changes and is responsible for all advocacy related to academic issues at Olds College and advocating on behalf of students to all levels of government. This position sits on the Academic Council and the Policy & Bylaw Committee and works closely with a variety of the staff, faculty to ensure that students receive the best possible education at Olds College. This position also recruits members for the Student Board of Directors and Academic Council, assists with orientation and election procedures and ensures student needs are met through the Food Pantry program.

Vice President OF STUDENT LIFE

The wide-ranging portfolio of the Vice-President of Student Life includes non-academic advocacy on issues that impact students, which can include everything from mental health to residence. The VP of Student Life is also the executive responsible for much of the scheduling and organizing of events put on by the Students' Association. This position also looks after a variety of campus clubs including promotion of events and organization of monthly Club President Meetings.  The VP of Student Life is also the liaison between student groups and the Association and assists them in their endeavors when required. The VP of Student Life sits on the Student Life and Mental Health Committees as well as Olds College committees related to student life and environmental issues such as Alumni Association, SBOD, Campus Living, Club Presidents.

Vice President of Communications & Community Engagement

The Vice President of Communications & Community Engagement is responsible for creating, organizing and promoting all social media communications for the Association as well as interacting with the community of Olds to maintain and build upon our current relations.  This includes functions and awareness campaigns, the monthly newsletter and all email correspondence. The VP of Communications & Community Engagement plays an active role in the development of student life by working with other groups at the college in promoting mental health and many other activities on campus. This position also works closely with the VP of Student Life, residence, athletics and the mental health and wellness departments to ensure the timely distribution of event information for all Clubs and campus wide activities. The VP of Communications & Community Engagement sits on the SSCE Committee as well as Town of Olds committees related to student life.