Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all club events will now have to apply a minimum of 30 days prior to their event to determine if the event is approved.  

The Students' Association of Olds College wants you to make the most out of your College experience by joining a club or starting a club that will enhance the student experience.  Joining a campus club lets you connect with people who have the same interests, involves you in the community and offers industry networking opportunities.  

Interested in joining a Club or starting a new campus Club? Email saocadmin@oldscollege.ca 

The current clubs are:


The Aggies Club is one of the oldest Student Clubs at Olds, it is open to any students at the College, many members are students in the Agricultural Management program, but it is open to ALL! It is a Social Club, but the Club is involved with supporting the local community and has brought in speakers on hot Agricultural topics and participated in community volunteering.  The Aggies Club is looking forward to hosting events and increasing membership in 2021-2022 academic year

Ag Mech

Join the Ag Mechs for the annual Car Bash! Steak dinner, prizes and beat up an old car! Build metal roses to sell on campus to raise funds for the club and volunteer with Ducks Unlimited and much much more. 


This club was started in 2006 by AHT and VMR students to help raise money to support local animal shelters,  to generate awareness of the AHT and VMR career opportunities and to promote animal health in general.  All AHT, VTA and  VMR students are members.    VMR’s and VTA's must elect two representatives from their classes to participate in regular board meetings and to help with the running and organizing of the club.  The club hosts several events throughout the year like a dog wash, dog walks, Halloween dance,  bake sales, pet Santa photos, bottle-drives, animal needs donation bin, pet calendars and continuing education events bringing in veterinarians / RVT's from industry to discuss certain topics. Sign up today!

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Participate, pray and give! Join the IVCF Club and enjoy campfire suppers, dance lessons, and worship .  “By students for students” has always been the theme of the ministry of InterVarsity.  The mission of InterVarsity is to radically change the globe with that message, carried by young people to every corner of Canada and the world.  

Land & Water

The Land & Water Club aims to provide members with industry information relevant to their prospective careers, experience in their chosen majors, and a chance to give back to Olds College and the community through volunteer and fundraising events.  Providing networking and social activities for club members and students of Olds College is a great way to meet new people.  Contact us today! 


The rodeo club members are students that have a passion for rodeo and want to learn more about the entire show! Participating in practice nights, rodeos, volunteering and hosting events for fundraising are a big part of Club activities.  Saddle on up and contact us for more information! 


Students Association for the Appreciation of Zymurgy represents the SAAZ Club.  Contact us today for more information.


Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) this club is focused on the use of drones in different fields like mapping, crop inspection,  inspections,  preliminary site assessment, photography etc.  We help people with flight proficiency with a large focus on software use.  Contact us today!