Celia Sutton

Celia is in her second year of the Horticulture Technologist Diploma program. She's been at Olds College for one year. Celia is originally from Surrey, British Columbia, and lived in Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary before coming to OC. Celia wants to be part of the change happening around the College, and to make sure that the student body has attentive & enthusiastic representation. During her time as President, she hopes to strengthen the position and reputation of the SAOC to pave the way for student leaders to come.

VP of Communications

Brandon Ramirez

("Brandon is in his second year of the Agricultural and Heavy Equipment program, Majoring in Heavy Equipment. He is originally from Monterrey, Mexico and moved to High River AB in 2009. Brandon likes meeting new people, creating long-lasting friendships, and helping to create stronger communities. Brandon wants to see the Olds College community come closer together and have everyone work together for a brighter future." - Dwyane The Rock Johnson. ) - Micheal Scott

Office Manager

Jon Kazimir

To contact Jon please use the link below to get his email.

VP of Academics

Keith Husbey

Bio to come

Executive Director

Liam Hunter

To contact Liam you can use the link below to email him or by phone at 403-404-9218

If you are unsure who can resolve your concerens please reach out by phone 403-556-4629 or by email to the link below